Meet Diane and Roger


Diane Adams

The Merry Proprietor and a premier stylist at Style Gallery Salon - and get ready to experience styling that is not limited to your hair. Granted, you’ll get a fabulous cut performed by a barber/stylist who has changed heads inside and out for over 20 years.

Men, you’ll be treated with a ‘high-taper’ cut that will distinguish you from lesser men, but be prepared to be handed more badgering than you could ever get at home! Bring your humor and leave your hopes for a mullet.

Ladies, Diane is a master stylist who works with you to get the style and the color to match your aspirations and your adventure.  Walk in with your ideas- walk out with style!


Roger Bauerly

Roger is a seasoned professional who listens to your needs and desires. He enjoys his work and is able to create up to date styles for men and women of all ages.

Meet Jen, Ellen, & Mickey


Jen Clifton

“For over 20 years I have been passionate about the hair industry.
I have a motto “to keep it simple.”

Your hair should reflect your personality and lifestyle.

With a thorough consultation I will create a look that YOU are comfortable with.

With a precision haircut and a few well placed highlights I will help you feel great about how you look.


Ellen Doty

I've been styling hair for over 30 years. Customer satisfaction has always been my number one priority. Some of my original customers are still with me but I love working with new clients too!

I enjoy cutting hair of all lengths and styles. Over the years I have developed an expertise in texturing and shaping very curly or straight hair as well as highlighting hair to enhance facial skin tone.

I hope you call or stop by; I would love to meet with you to discuss style options that are just right for you!


Mickey Esmond

I have always enjoyed this business primarily because of the feelings I receive from clients for being responsible for helping them look and feel their best.

I have practiced the art of hair design for many years but still find myself excited and inspired to learn something new to bring back to share with my clients.

Meet Pam and Jeff


Jeff Groves

Jeff has expertise and licensing in both cosmetology and barbering. Since 1983 he has mastered cutting, coloring, and styling techniques for all hair types, due to continuing education and extended training.

Jeff prides himself on giving a precise, technically correct, finished look to all his clients.

As one of his clients you will receive a complimentary consultation and his full attention. With his mile mannered demeanor, you'll be more than satisfied with the service you receive.